Thursday, 12 May 2016

Shelter from the sun

Title:Shelter from the sun
Characters:Ms Nelisi,Ropati,Mum

Ropati was sad because the flower was teaching the side
I think that the setting is at Home School and at the Motorway.

Event 1:

Mum said to Ropati to give a flower to her teacher because they got to many of flower around them.
Event 2:
When mum said to Ropati to give a flower to Ms Nelisi Ropati choice a pink flower because she like that color
Event 3: When Ropati was choiced the pink flower he put it inside a tube put the flower keep on going to the side

Event 4:
The problem was when the flower was keep going to the side Ropati was sad


My best part was when  they was a lots of flower and mum said to give flower to the teacher.

Resolution: Ropati  buy a new
tube so the flower can not
go side way.

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