Monday, 30 May 2016

house sport

On Wednesday the 13 of April 2016 Room 10 and Glenbrae school student and staff went to the Hall for House sport.When we got there Miss Raj talked to us about where are we going.

After that we have to go to our house.There was Ratu,Nikau,Kowhai and Kauri. We have to choose our tuakana and Teina.My Teina was called Joy-coc. We have to say our chat and it went like.Kowhai Kowhai Where the best we are better than all the rest go Kowhai !!!

I flet Happy because Me and my Partner was the best  team.

How the Old woman made the sea

Story Map
Title:How the Old woman made the sea
Author: June walker
Characters: Old Woman and Tow grandson
Setting: At a village
Conflict: The grandson short are ball at the grandma plants
Resolution: They said Sorry to the Grandma

Beginning: An old Woman and her two Grandson lived in our little house with a fence but it is a lots of fences.

Middle: Some people say that this old woman made all the oceans and all seas herself  

End: The grandma found the two grandson and earth and the two grandson tried to bit the grandmother

Friday, 27 May 2016

Te reo Mario

Te Kupu o te Wiki for the week starting Rāhina, te 23 o Haratua, 2016 is mōrena.

mōrena: morning

Mōrena, e Te Rākaherea!
Morning, Te Rākaherea!
Another way to say Good morning! is Ata mārie!.


  • My name is Dave I live in are cave people say i look like my twin Dave.

  •     Dave is  are dad and his mum said who is you baby name you should name it  cave.

  •      Glen brae school is cool and got are lots of pool so people can swim a lot  like Dave

  •       Dave live in are cave he ate peanut butter and butter. Apply is cool but  it is made out of the pool

  •      Cars car everywhere up and down the motorway to and from thy seed all day cars cars everywhere


Hi today Maths  we have to Add and use our time to solve the problem that our teacher give use

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Reading Response Journal

Reading Response Journal


Author: Rachel Murray

Today I read about MEMORIES

I feel Happy about what I read today because Sam lived with his Mother and the Mother is old

My favourite character was Mum because the mum went work and the mum came home with are lots of money.

I would feel Happy if the same thing that happened to my character, happened to me because I would like to be which.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Compare and contrast map

Name & Image of 1st character

Image & Name of 2nd character

Brown hair
Red T-shirt
Brown pants
Blue and White
Black eye’s
Gloden Hair and pink hair
Purple T-shirt
Black pants


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Friday, 20 May 2016

Te reo Mario

Te Kupu o te Wiki for the week starting Rāhina, te 16 o Haratua, 2016 is kino kē.

kino kē: awesome

Thursday, 19 May 2016


On Thursday Room 10 went to Netball.We went there at 9.40 to 10.20. When we got there we played a warm up game called up and down. First we have to find 2 partner’s my partner name was called setaita.

When we finished we have to get into  6 group in my group was Mary,Newsam,Anita,Francesca,Setaita and me. First we have each 6 people get are shot but if you make are shot and you don't catch it it is the next people turn but if you do make are shot and you catch it you can go again. When we finished the couch said get into 11 group. The coach will give you are number and when she say it you have to run and past in order from 1 to 11 and the person that she called out have to got are goal .

I feel happy because my team win for  the game .

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Compare and contrast map

Name & Image of 1 character

Image result for girl cartoon

Image & Name of 2 character

Brown hair
White T-shirt with Heart
Long hair
Blue pant’s
Black Eye’s
He is are Boy
Golden hair
Green T-shirt
Short hair
Holding a camera
Silva pant’s
Blue eye’s

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


MY special place is at my  grandma's house
My special place is at my grandma’s house because  when i go there they give me a lots of staff.

My special place is at my grandma’s house because erving time I go there I feel happy and I it like I just came back from Tongan. My next special place is at my house because my Mum and Dad always give me staff.

I feel happy because I get to go to My Nana house and my Present  

Facts about Fantail


Many many years ago Mary and Tom went to the K.F.C. We went there to celebrate Mary 20 years old birthday. When Mary order the food Tom saw are stranger coming throw the window.

When he came throw the back door he crab the money and some food the owner of the K.F.C  came and call 111. When they arrived to the K.F.C.  the man run out of the window but there was a cup there. The cup got the man and the cup said “he  will say in prison for 100 years.

Mary and Tom feel happy because  Tom and Mary get to eat there k.F.C.  all day long. And they live happily ever after.


Monday, 16 May 2016


This when we had to share them into 1/6


Story Map
Title: Diary
Author: K.E. Anderson
Characters:Richard smith,boy ,girl,Grandma
Setting: Home classroom
Conflict: That didn’t want to do her work. When she went to school she  was angry
Resolution: She made are card board for the teacher and the teacher was happy and said well done

Beginning: It’s  happen again! I spent all day at school sitting up straight and doing my work quietly and using my common sense, but the teacher  didn't  notice me once!  Not one single time! She didn’t speak to me all day

Middle: Today I did an amazing graph. I did my best handwriting,and it have ever done a graph

End: Today the teacher showed Richard smith’s graph to the class. She put her arm around his  shoulder and said she was very proud of him for doing some work.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Sport day

When grace woke up and looked outside but it was not raining.Grace said my tummy is saw ‘Mum said’’
Here maybe your tummy is hungry eat this bread.
The bread was with honey said grace.

Image result for cartoon girls
At school Grace was sitting down on the grass
and she said when the ball always come to me
I will catch the ball and throw it back inside the
Image result for cartoon girls

Sports Day

Reading Response Journal

Title: Sports Day

Author: Sue Wootton

Today I read about Sports Day

I feel Happy about what I read today because before when Grace didn't knew how to catch the ball but now she do.

My favourite character was Grandpa because When  mum use Grandfather honey for Grace toasted Grandfather that it my  honey girl and she felt happy

I would feel Happy if the same thing that happened to my character, happened to me because i did not know how to catch but I learnt

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Shelter from the sun

Title:Shelter from the sun
Characters:Ms Nelisi,Ropati,Mum

Ropati was sad because the flower was teaching the side
I think that the setting is at Home School and at the Motorway.

Event 1:

Mum said to Ropati to give a flower to her teacher because they got to many of flower around them.
Event 2:
When mum said to Ropati to give a flower to Ms Nelisi Ropati choice a pink flower because she like that color
Event 3: When Ropati was choiced the pink flower he put it inside a tube put the flower keep on going to the side

Event 4:
The problem was when the flower was keep going to the side Ropati was sad


My best part was when  they was a lots of flower and mum said to give flower to the teacher.

Resolution: Ropati  buy a new
tube so the flower can not
go side way.


On Wednesday Day all the senior and teachers went to Arataki. We went  by bus and it took 1 hour and half and hour to get there.While we was riding i was to tired to get up.

When we got there we had our morning tea and went for a bush walk.When we was walking i saw are Kauri tree,nikau tree,and even a lots and lots of tree.When we reach the end of the bush walk we have to walk back and i was tried. When we got back up we had lunch. For my lunch i had my sandwich and apple.

I feel  Tired  because we have to walk down and back up.

When puhi died

Reading Response Journal

Title: When puhi died

Author: Jane Buxton

Today I read about When puhi died

I feel sad about what I read today because when the girl was going outside he saw puhi lying down by the tree.

My favourite character was the cat because the cat was lying down and when the people went he came back alive.

I would feel happy if the same thing that happened to my character, happened to me because i went to die and come back alive.