Friday, 11 March 2016

Reading Response Journal

Student’s Name: MELE Langi                                         Date: 10 March 2016

Title: Silent Reading

Author: David Hill.

1. What did you read about today?Every saturday the girl have to clear out kid from the library where her mum work.

2. How did you feel about what you read today? Why?I feel sad because the kid where bad and she was tried.

3. Think about your favorite character. What happened to your favorite character today?My favorite character was the girl who clear out the kid from the library.

4. How would you feel if the same thing that happened to your character, happened to you?I feel very very sad because the girl have to clear out all the kid from the library and i Dout want that to happen

5. Do you have any questions about what you read? If so, write them down.Why did the girl have to work where the mum work because the kid’s a nosing and the girl maybe tried.

6. If you haven’t finished reading the book, what do you think will happen next? If you finished reading the book, what do you think will happen if the author decided to write another part to this story? I think will happen next is the girl will be fired because she did’t care about the kid playing around.


  1. Hi Luv Your Story.
    Say Hi to everyone

  2. hi mele i like your work it what amzaing work kepp it up !!!

  3. Hey there Mele I like the way you have coloured your word while your doing work also some times I go to library on Saturday. Next time please don't put your last name just to me cyber smart.

  4. Hi Mele I really liked your reading response you have written.I found it really interesting and impressive.Maybe next time try to add more information.

    Well done Mele!!!


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