Thursday, 30 June 2016

Reading Response Journal

Reading Response Journal

Title:  Monsoon Flood
Author: Anne Ingram

Today I read about  Monsoon Flood
I feel Scared  about what I read today because there was an big Monsoon

My favourite character was Mum because Mum was always prepared is their was a Monsoon Flood  

I would feel disappointed  if the same thing that happened to my character, happened to me because there was flood lapping towards my house:(

I think if the author decided to write another part to this story this is what will happen The Flood is going into the house and everywhere inside the house.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Compare and contrast map

Name & Image of 1 character

Image result for girl cartoon

Image & Name of 2 character

Image result for boy cartoon

White T-shirt
Blue pants
Brown hair
Purple shoes
Black eyes  
Person eyes
Black eyes
Brown hair
Yellow T-shirt
Red shoes
Blue pants

Tuesday, 28 June 2016



So I split the 158 into are 80,50 and 10 so the first thing I was

So I got my Answer it was 133.

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            What is a Piano?

A  Piano  is a very big and musical instrument.

It have a tune it got a keyboard with A to G. A volume is loud and and soft and pitch means High and low. It have difference sound and it go to loud to soft.

I feel happy because I can play are sad song and happy song on the piano.

Story Map

Story Map
Title: Monsoon Flood
Author: Anna Ingram
Characters: Mother, Dad, Elephants
Setting: Home, Zoo
Conflict: The boy was looking for food.
Resolution: The boy went and looked  for food.

Beginning: I woke up to the sound of water lapping against our house. Through the door.

Middle: I try to swing back to the house but the river carries me long, tossing me up and down as if I tiny twig.

End: We reach the river bank, Which is awash with half-drowned tree and bushes.  

Thursday, 23 June 2016


A guitar looks so big and large and a guitar is very special for people they know how to play it.

This is how you play a Guitar you strum and pick so you have different sounds when you are playing.

I feel happy when I play a Guitar because  It have lovely sounds in row how you play.


Reading Response Journal

Title: The goat house.

Author: By Valerie Mata-Utu.

Today I read about The goat house and in the story I know that dad was making a goat house for Rosie the goat.

I feel happy about what I read today because Rosie was happy to have a new goat house.

My favourite character was Rosie because she was eating the clothes and the dad was building Rosie a house but Rosie keeps on cracking the window.

I would feel happy if the same thing that happened to my character, happened to me because I really want a goat and want to call her Rosie just like the character in the story.

I think if the author decided to write another part to this story this is what will happen to me because I really want more so I know what going to happen next after  this story.
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Title: The Goat house
Author: Valerie Mara-Ute

We didn't like seeing Rosie the goat shivering. She was big and hairy ,but she felt the cold. She was Important to my family because we drank her milk and she chewed down the scrub and weeds.

The character was the Mum,dad,brother, Sister and Rosie the Goat.

The setting was at the Grange inside the house at the back yard and at the Demolition.

The problem was that the Goat was cold and have nowhere to stay so the dad made her are house In the Grange.

The Goat didn't like problem look at him so he took the window and took it to the house window.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Today for Maths we learnt how to split number
Ex  20+ 46=166
I split the  46 into are 40 and a 6 then I did 120+40=160
Then 160+6=166

I split the 27 into are 20 and are 7 so I did 169-20=149

Compare and contrast map

Name & Image of 1st character

Image & Name of 2nd character

No hair
White hair
Big ear
Wearing are cross
Blue shoes
Both white
Orange hair
Orange T-shirt
Blue shoes
White socks

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Our ears can hear difference in sound.

Sound can be louder or softer, Higher or lower.

The louder the sound The harder we strike, blow, pluck, or scrape sound-makers the louder the sound it make.

The large the vibration, the louder the sound.


Today for Maths we learnt number line. So for the number we use was 98-45=    because I split the 40 into are 5 and are 5 so I did 98-40=58-5=53

Up on space

Many many years ago Middle, tom,Holy and Ben distanced to go to on earth and see all the stars.

When they got there holy and Ben was very excited and middle and tom was amaze to see the stars. Middle said “we still stay  here until it night because she likes to see all the star all day long. Tom said let go because it almost dark and they said “OK”. When Holy start the engine Holy said that the engine is run out. Middle and Tom went around and look for help. Middle and Tom saw  are Allen and they said “ would you help us go down Earth. The alien went and got some of the engine that his friend came with and gave it to the.

They felt happy that the alien help them to go back down to their family.

Reading Describe map

Today I learn how to do are Describe map and the Book we read was called 
Tonga Puoro

Monday, 20 June 2016


Today for Maths we have to Solve subtraction and the problem was 63+39= So I Split the the 39 into are 30 and are 9 and I did 63+30=33 and 33+9=42 and that what I did.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Te reo Mario

noho: stay, sit, live

Kia tika te noho, e te tau.
Sit properly, my darling.
Kei te tēpu ngā tamariki e noho ana.
The children are sitting at the table.
- this is an example of an active sentence
Kei te Whanganui-ā-Tara au e noho ana.
I am living in Wellington.
- this is an example of an active sentence
noho rā.
Stay well (Goodbye).
Use this farewell when you are the person leaving.
(Compare ‘haere rā’)

Noho ora mai.
Stay/keep well.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Reading Response Journal

Title: Making are purerehua

Author: Oho Kaa

Today I read about  Purerehua
I feel Happy about what I read today because I wanted to make are purerehua too.

My favourite character was the Girl because It was only her that know how to make are purerehua

I would feel happy if the same thing that happened to my character, happened to me because because I can teach the girl how to make are purerehua.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Today for Maths Miss Pine came to our class and work with us in Maths she said that
we have to use are year 6 and 7 strange and solve our problem. We have to Add number
that 3 digit number to solve our problem. We did tide number. She said that Maths is important.

Musical takes tins

Musical takes tins

Need :
A square or rectangular metal cake tin
5 rubber bands that will stretch length wise around the cake tin
A piece of thick cardboard, big enough to overlap one end of the cake tin
% soft drink caps or small pebbles


1. Measure and cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard. It should  be slightly Wider than the cake tin and should cover about half the length of the tin

2. Lay the piece of cardboard over one end of the tin, and stretch the rubber bands lengthwise around the tin. Space them evenly across the cardboard Beside each string write a number- 1,2,3,4 and 5.

3.Slip one of the soft drink caps or pebbles between each of the rubber bands and the cardboard.

4. Puck one of the rubber bands at the  uncovered end of the tin, and listen to the sound it makes as it vibrates. You can change the sound that each string makes by moving the soft drink cap or pebble back and forth under the string. Experiment to find out how to make the notes higher and lower.

5. When you have have tuned all the string, try picking out a tune on your instrument. When you've found one you like, write it down by recording the number of  each note in turn. Put a dash  where you want a rest,or break, in the tune.

Compare and contras Map

Name & Image of 1 character

Image & Name of 2 character

Purple shoes
White sock
Blue pants
Brown hair
White T-shirt with are Heart on it  
Living thing
Wearing blue
White String
Blue caver  
And thick

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Today for Maths we had to do Add and subtraction
and ever we have to see what was the answer .

Monday, 13 June 2016


Today My class and I had Maths and we have to solve it  in 3 people in each groups

Friday, 10 June 2016


A long time ago there were dinosaurs.One day the dinosaurs had lunch and then they saw a rock heading near them.The rock was bursting with flames but the dinosaurs never knew it was a METEOR!!!!

On the next day the dinosaurs saw the meteor again  but this time it was closer to them.One dinosaur knew what it was so he was getting prepared for the Meteor.Other dinosaurs weren't scared they thought it was a shooting star.At night the meteor was too close so they had to get out of the place.The herd  of dinosaurs were moving on,’’We are almost there’’said one of the dinosaurs but the other dinosaurs weren't so surprised. THEN! On that night the meteor strike earth and everything was DESTROYED including the Dinosaurs!!!

On the next day the dinosaurs DISAPPEARED!!


Today at netball we learnt how divide and chest pass.

So firstly we did a quick game of divide and freeze.When had to get in partners in 2.Then after a while we learnt how to play divide turn and pass.This time we had to get in partners of 3 and we played a lot of rounds but we also had to switch person and give each other a turn.Then we played the real game but this game was so different.We were all given a number and the number our Coach And will say a number such as 1,2,34,5, and any number she calls out you have to get the ball pass it to people and make a shot and get the ball back to the court.
I thought so exhausted and tired because we did a lot of running.

Story Map

Story Map
Title:How the Old woman made the sea
Author: June walker
Characters: Old Woman and Tow grandson
Setting: At a village
Conflict: The grandson short are ball at the grandma plants
Resolution: They said Sorry to the Grandma

Beginning: An old Woman and her two Grandson lived in our little house with a fence but it is a lots of fences.

Middle: Some people say that this old woman made all the oceans and all seas herself  

End: The grandma found the two grandson and earth and the two grandson tried to bit the grandmother