Thursday, 19 May 2016


On Thursday Room 10 went to Netball.We went there at 9.40 to 10.20. When we got there we played a warm up game called up and down. First we have to find 2 partner’s my partner name was called setaita.

When we finished we have to get into  6 group in my group was Mary,Newsam,Anita,Francesca,Setaita and me. First we have each 6 people get are shot but if you make are shot and you don't catch it it is the next people turn but if you do make are shot and you catch it you can go again. When we finished the couch said get into 11 group. The coach will give you are number and when she say it you have to run and past in order from 1 to 11 and the person that she called out have to got are goal .

I feel happy because my team win for  the game .

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