Monday, 16 May 2016


Story Map
Title: Diary
Author: K.E. Anderson
Characters:Richard smith,boy ,girl,Grandma
Setting: Home classroom
Conflict: That didn’t want to do her work. When she went to school she  was angry
Resolution: She made are card board for the teacher and the teacher was happy and said well done

Beginning: It’s  happen again! I spent all day at school sitting up straight and doing my work quietly and using my common sense, but the teacher  didn't  notice me once!  Not one single time! She didn’t speak to me all day

Middle: Today I did an amazing graph. I did my best handwriting,and it have ever done a graph

End: Today the teacher showed Richard smith’s graph to the class. She put her arm around his  shoulder and said she was very proud of him for doing some work.

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